Organic Face Creams +

Organic Face Creams


Nourishing and moisturizing creams enriched with Argan Oil protect the skin, leaving it feeling soft throughout the day. Naturally rich in Vitamins A and B, Argan Oil rich face cream has antioxidant properties that help fight against aging skin. Its firming and softening properties restore the skin's elasticity and suppleness. Volume: 75ml.

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  • Enriched with organic Donkey Milk, this cream's soft and creamy consistency easily penetrates the skin and serves to protect, repair and nourish skin daily. It helps maintain whiteness and fights against aging skin.
  • Rejuvenating creams of organic fig extracts is enriched with organic rose hip oils. Refreshing and rich in antioxidant, it helps fight against aging skin and restores tone and radiance.
  • Infused with essential lavender oils, this cream cleanses and maintains your skin looking healthy. Its typical southern aroma offers comfort and peace. A genuine skin restructuring care cream.


After washing the face, gently apply cream down to the neck morning and evening.