Black Hamam Soap +

Black Hamam Soap


Eucalyptus is a tree that can grow as low as 10 meters and as high as 90 meters. Its red fruits are known to repel insects, but it is mainly used in cosmetics for its leaves and their natural fragrances. It has antiseptic properties. Rich in Vitamin E, eucalyptus can be used for body scrub because of its exfoliating properties.

The Orange Blossom that grows on citrus trees, also called the bitter orange, is a thorny shrub with fragrant flowers of bright, shiny white leaves. Found in India and China, the orange blossom , has overwhelmed the senses since antiquity , when it traditionally was adorned on the crowns of brides. Popular in the Mediterranean, the orange blossom developed in oriental countries , and forged its reputation around its typically Mediterranean fragrance present in oriental pastries and some cosmetics.

Its smell is a childhood reminder of Mediterranean mothers who added a little sense of orange blossom in their pastries of traditional family recipes. The Orange Blossom is also known for its soothing properties to calm nervousness and stomach pain in infants.

This natural vegetable soap, hydrolyzed exclusively from Argan oil, helps thoroughly cleanse the skin, remove dead skin, and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Suitable for all skin types.


Take a shower or a warm bath in order to open up the pores. Apply a layer of black soap on wet skin. Allow the soap to act for 7 to 8 minutes then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Complete the skin care process with our luffa gloves to further exfoliate for a softer, healthier touch and to attain a more freshly perfumed and purified skin.