Pure Shea Butter +

Pure Shea Butter


Shea means "life" in the Jula language (Saudi). Good for the body and hair thanks to its nourishing and genuine restorative care, Shea butter has used by African women for years to protect the body and hair from drying out. It is also used in the cuisine of the Middle East, but it is mainly used in cosmetics.

It is a vegetable butter extracted from the Shea fruit, a tree growing in the African Savannah. Shea butter contains vitamins for the hair and skin. This is an essential product in our bathroom. Whether for the hair, face, or body , Shea butter is a highly effective care product that can be found everywhere in the cosmetic world. Our pure Shea butter is 100% natural and it is truly concentrated in its active nutrient suited for dry and damaged hair.

Packed with Vitamin A, D , E and F, Shea butter is an excellent alternative to anti-wrinkle creams because it stimulates cell renewal. It is also very effective in treating burns, wounds, cracked skin, chapped hands, stretch marks, and even soothes the skin from sunburns.


  • For Hair: As a mask, apply to the roots and scalp and allow cream to act, then rinse. As a cream, rub the Shea butter in your hands and apply to damaged ends. For very dry, frizzy hair, make an oil bath by lightly applying the Shea butter from the scalp to the ends to deeply nourish and fight against dryness and breakage of hair.
  • For the body: Massage thoroughly until absorbed.