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Alum Stone

La Maison du Savon de Marseille has developed a range of products with natural alum stone - an extract rich in minerals and potassium known for its flaky appearance.
In the Middle Ages this stone was used in the textile industry to apply coloured pigment to fabric. To this day, some fabric dyers and painters still make use of this stone to secure and anchor pigment.
In the seventeenth century a mix of alum stone and carbon was used to cover wooden houses creating a solid and impermeable layer. Alum stone is also known for purifying muddy water, making it drinkable. The stone also has many uses in medecine as it is a good and effective astringent and antiseptic. Today the stone is most often used in cosmetics, like deoderant. It is a natural substance with many beneficial properties; it is antibacterial, healing, calming, and acts as antiperspirant...

  • Benefits... Alum Stone, a potassium-rich mineral extracted from a rock, has the distinction of having a leaf-like appearance. Alum was long used to clarify muddy water to make it potable. It envelops the impurities suspended in the water , thereby clarifying the liquid . The Alum Stone is widely used in medicine because it is a good astringent and...

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