Organic Argan Oil Soap +

Organic Argan Oil Soap


For centuries, Berber women have used this oil from the Argan tree for its antioxidant properties. The Argan oil comes from a wild tree in the plains of Haut Atlas in Morocco to protect itself from extremely harsh weather conditions (strong winds, sun). Harvesting Argan fruit is exclusive to Berber women . After their mothers , grandmothers and great- grandmothers, they pass down the know-how of this coveted elixir , which in recent years has crossed the borders of the Mediterranean. Between June and August , they gather the fallen ripe fruit  and then sun-dried for several weeks. The nuts are then broken between two stones to acquire solid tree nuts to extract the precious Argan oil kernels seeds . This work is particularly time-consuming , and in a day's work , they can produce between 1 and 1.5 kg of kernels. The Argan kernels are crushed in a stone mill into a paste which is then mixed with water and kneaded by hand to extract the oil. This manual process allows 70% of the kernels' oil to be extracted . For 1 liter of extracted Argan oil, it takes 100 kg of ripe fruit to obtain 60 kg of dry fruits, including 30 kg of dry pulp and 30 kg of nuts. 30 kg of nuts result in about 27 kg of shells and about 3 kg of Argan oil kernels. This Argan oil is used from birth to adulthood in the Berber families. In infants and babies, it helps to heal the chickenpox. It also helps treat eczema and acne. In pregnant women , Argan oil helps soften the skin and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. In adulthood , they use it for people with rheumatism to massage the joints. Argan oil is also present in the composition of the traditional dishes of Moroccan cuisine. La Maison du Savon de Marseille offers two different models of Argan oil : our Organic Virgin Argan Oil (50 ml) possesses important rejuvenating properties among others and is rich in Vitamin E.

Ideal for dry and dehydrated skin, this honey-colored oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid , omega-6 and tocopherols (vitamin E) , antioxidants and helps fight against premature skin aging due to repeated exposure to sunlight. It is very effective for nail care because it fights against nail breaks while fortifying them. Great solution to repair dry , dull and brittle hair. Truly firming , nutritious, protective and soothing , it also helps fight against dry facial skin. Discover our organic Argan massage oils (100ml) to soften, nourish and delicately perfume the skin with a sensual and enjoyable notes. 100% botanical care that helps moisturize the skin perfectly without the grease, fighting against stretch marks and premature aging of the skin. Upon initial use, your skin will be left feeling extra soft and perfectly smooth.


Pour a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand, then rub and massage the whole body.