Liquid Aleppo Soap +

Liquid Aleppo Soap


True Aleppo liquid soap. Created to ease the use of soap on a daily basis as a matter of practicality , this soap was created for those who wish to find well made Aleppo soap while enjoying the convenience of using a bottle . For example washing clothes, shampoo, and daily use. We offer 3 types of Aleppo liquid soap.
250ml, regular: the soap of the family with no risk of allergy ! This is a soap used for the body and hair, and does not dry out the skin. It is rich in organic oil , allowing it to protect the skin from drying out.

250ml, enriched with organic Argan oil : same composition as the regular 250ml, but with the particularity of being enriched with Argan oil which is a natural anti-oxidant, giving the skin a deep nourishment. Used as a mask for dry hair, it will nourish the hair from tip to root.

500ml : same composition as the regular 250ml, with the added advantage of having a pump, which facilitates its use (2 pumps for washing the body, 3 for the hair). A great tool for teaching children how to wash themselves. The shampoo does not sting the eyes.


Lather the soap on all of the body, then rinse off with fresh water.