Organic Argan Oil Soap +

Organic Argan Oil Soap


For years , we have used the finest materials to make you quality products that fully meet the needs and characteristics of your skin. Our range of scented soap is made from a gentle plant base, with which we uniquely combine perfume fats and food or ochre dyes.

They are enriched with Argan oil which is rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants to help deeply nourish the skin. Discover our range of soap from organic Argan oil to more traditional fragrances to the fragrant and astonishingly gourmet compositions. Each soap contains its own fragrance that feeds your skin thoroughly and leaves it soft, hydrated and delicately scented.

Scented Soaps 100gr : love apple , rosehip , desirable pleasure, marigold , violet, lemon verbena , sweet almond, mimosa , orange blossom , crushed apricot, rosewood, sandalwood , lemon , blackcurrant, poppy, eternal , Indian was she, cotton flower , passion fruit , lilac , paternal , nature


Lather the soap against wet skin and thoroughly rinse off with fresh water.