Our Franchise concept

Our achitectural concept is ideally fitting a 60 square meter surface in average. This is our brand DNA : authenticity and naturalness ! That’s why all our Point of Sales lecreate a Provencal handcrafted soap store ambience.


Wall of soap

An amazing and unique olfactory experience with a wide diversity of fragrances. Our interior layout is based on the Provencal market stales history. It’s a colourful and perfumed wall. A unique choice in the market with more than 200 iconic perfumed soap with perfume from our Grasse perfumer.

Mur de savons


Marseille loaves tree, Marseille cube rack

To highlight our French and Provencal ‘artisanat’ , we have joined la Savonerie du Fer à Cheval for a co-branding, this Marseille soap producer is the oldest soap maker still active.

We have implemented this decoration to beautify our Marseille soap range presentation in our point of sales. Marseille loaves tree is holding the iconic handy cutted Marseille soap.

The Cube rack is a wink to Marseille soap production, the soap producer used to dry the cubes for many days in this way



Sales of Liquid soap in bulk

Throughout those last years, bulk sales is more and more popular with an increasing consumer demand, they are indeed conscious not wasting too much packaging. We then decided to propose to our customers a liquid soap concept sold in bulk meeting a sustainable consumption and a green economy.

Liquid soaps


Provencal fountain

Among our point of sales, we suggest our customers to test the efficiency and quality of our product (Liquid soap, bar soap…) We wish to move outside the usual consumerism framework, that’s the reason why we give a true experience in our boutiques.

Mur de savons


“Product world” furniture

La Maison du Savon de Marseille have 8 different product world ! Always developed around bath and daily well being, Donkey milk is certainly the most emblematic example.

For each product category, we provide a dedicated furniture.



Charmed with our concept?

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