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4 main reasons to choose our franchise

La Marque

1) A strong identity

A unique and authentic architecture to our brand image, that allows to create a common visual identity:

Since 2007 we put in place a unique concept store specially designed for highlighting our product and to revive a Provencal handy-craft soap shop.

Suivi et accompagnement

2) A strong support

Dedicated support structure for our point of sales La Maison du Savon de Marseille support a customised follow-up, from the advices on the location, initial training and an assistance on the opening. Brand experience on a 10 years existing network, We provide a personalized and expert support for your business all the way from the creation to the implementation of the project, with customized services: location identification assistance, initial manpower training, store opening assistance and so on…

La Gamme

3) 100% Made in France Brand

Qualitative products, 100% Made in France from skincare to fragrances and accessories for bathing and everyday well-being.

Internationally recognized French brand

We have the same commitment to all our product ranges which is to adhere to the most natural cosmetic formula.

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La Gamme

4) Complete range

Widest range in the market with more than 700 references. Our Research & development department also support you on the market trend and new product creation with a common will to reduce conservative chemical ingredient to tend to the most natural product as possible.

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Key figures on a win-win master franchise

Key figures


How does one cultivate entrepreneurial business profitability while developing a brand promoting the French know-how and craftsmanship?

The answer is: La Maison du Savon de Marseille franchise

Cosmetics is a fascinating business and a profitable industry!

Our company retains proactive and motivated staff:

• Our know-how and our brand reputation transmitting authentic values are at your disposal

We are looking for people:

• Who know their market and franchise business

• Who have investment capacities to develop the brand in their countries

• Who have team management abilities to manage operational and financial structures

• Who are familiar with beauty and cosmetic markets

• Who can share ideas and opportunities with our brand and transmit our commitment in their local market

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